Director of the Pittsburgh Dental Network: A Seattle Study Club Organization

Pittsburgh Implants and Periodontics - Dr. Mark WeingardenDr. Mark J. Weingarden has been director of the Pittsburgh branch of the Seattle Study Club since he formulated the club in 1993.  What does that mean to you, the patient?  It means that your dental professional has made a commitment to lifelong learning, to provide you with the best care and newest techniques currently available in dentistry.

As director of the Pittsburgh Dental Network, Dr. Weingarden spends time outside the office at monthly meetings and at a national symposium each year to keep abreast of the latest developments and treatment options available to patients.

The Pittsburgh Dental Network is often referred to as a “university without walls”.  It is recognized as one of the most advanced continuing education groups for dental professionals in the nation.  Members participate in hands-on demonstrations, problem-solving workshops, panel discussions and clinical treatment planning sessions.  PDN invites internationally known speakers to share information at local meetings, keeping Pittsburgh in the forefront of dental technology.

The Seattle Study Club is the originator and leader of the international network of over 250 affiliated clubs, including the Pittsburgh Dental Network, with a combined membership of 6,700 dentists.  For more information, visit

If your dentist is a member of this prestigious group, you’re in good hands.

Dr. Mark Weingarden

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