Loupes Glasses: They may not be fashionable but…

Hygienist rely on loupes to provide better treatment

Pittsburgh Implants and Periodontics - Dr. Mark WeingardenLoupes, (magnifying glasses) are an essential tool for a hygienist in the dental field. Today, more and more dental professionals are relying on this tool to provide better treatment for their patients. They help in diagnosing problems,  as the view of the area to be worked on is magnified considerably. They reduce the strain on the eyes, while helping us to perform exams and procedures with precision and accuracy.  They also help to reduce back strain, as we no longer have to struggle to get a better view of the area we are working on.  This is essential for those of us that plan to practice for many years.

Magnify areas of the mouth

The eye loupes also help to magnify areas of the mouth that are invisible to the naked eye. For example, a small crack in the tooth can be detected by high-resolution eye loupes. Early detection will mean earlier treatment and earlier treatment will mean more teeth that are kept a lifetime.

With the help of our loupes, Kristi and I look forward to providing you and your teeth with even better care for years to come!

Your Hygienists,

Jodi and Kristi

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