Dental Implant Cleanings in Pittsburgh

Dental Implant Cleanings

We recommend that you come in for professional dental implant cleanings once or twice a year.

Special care for your dental implants

Dental implants can last a lifetime when placed correctly and cared for properly. However, when implants are not maintained, periodontal disease (mucositis and peri-implantitis) may occur and cause bone loss and potential loss of your implant. Because the way your implant meets your gum tissue is different than natural teeth, special care is required to keep the gums and bone healthy.

Regular professional cleanings

infected dental implant To ensure the success of your dental implant, we recommend that you come in for professional cleanings two to three times per year in addition to caring for your implant at home. Our hygienist can reach areas that may be difficult for you clean at home, and we use special plastic tools that won’t scratch the surface of your implants and attract bacteria.

During your cleaning, we’ll also check the depth of the pockets between your gums and teeth to be on alert for any potential signs of gum disease.

Caring for your implants at home

Your dental hygienist and/or doctor will provide you with specific instructions on how to care for you dental implant at home. Overzealous brushing can cause gum recession and scratch the surface of the implant.

Daily flossing is an important part of home maintenance, and we may also recommend that you use small dental brushes (proxy brushes) to clean around areas that are more difficult to access. We will recommend the appropriate toothpaste and mouthwash for you.

Signs of gum disease around your implant

infected dental implant

Redness and swelling around a dental implant may be signs of an infected dental implant.

Gum disease can lead to bone loss and the potential loss of your implant. Since pain frequently is not associated with gum disease, it is imperative to be aware of the signs, which includes the following.

  • An unpleasant taste in your mouth
  • Bleeding when brushing
  • Discharge from your gums
  • Redness or swelling

If you exhibit any of these symptoms, please call for an immediate appointment so that we can address any issues early on.

Patient Testimonial

“Dr. Weingarden has the well earned reputation of being the best periodontist in Pittsburgh. He is not only technically proficient, but also has a terrific manner when dealing with patients. He is courteous and frank when giving explanations, and is also able to “dumb it down” to make it easier for patients to understand.

“Dr. Weingarden’s staff is outstanding – very friendly and courteous. They are “patient-friendly” and like a “family” when I visit. Bottom line – if someone were to ask me if I would recommend Dr. Weingarden, I would reply, “In a New York minute! Absolutely – he is the best!!”

– Bill

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