Teeth Extractions in Pittsburgh

Teeth Extractions in Pittsburgh

Our doctors use state-of-the-art equipment to gently extract a damaged tooth without fracturing the underlying bone. This approach provides you with more options for tooth replacement.

Experienced, Gentle Tooth Extractions

Drs. Bakuri and Azarnoush believe in saving your natural teeth whenever possible. However, when a tooth must be removed, our doctors provide gentle, comfortable extractions while also preserving the jawbone and tooth socket.

Preservation of the bone protects the jaw size and shape, preserves facial architecture and allows for tooth replacement in a more cosmetic fashion. It also allows for more predictable and less costly placement of dental implants. When teeth are removed in the old fashioned, faster way, bone is indiscriminately removed with the tooth. This forces us to have to rebuild the bone prior to placement of dental implants, thus increasing the expense and time involved in the dental implant process.

Minimally Invasive, Modern Approach

Our doctors take a modern approach to tooth extraction by preserving as much jawbone as possible. Having more jawbone remaining means that you will have more options for replacing your missing tooth or teeth. Placing dental implants is much easier and more reliable when dense areas of jawbone are available to anchor the titanium post that supports the restoration, such as a crown, bridge or denture.

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Piezo Surgical Unit

The Piezo surgical unit uses modulated ultrasound waves to vibrate and dislodge portions of the tooth that need to be removed. Using special tips, our doctors can gently remove the damaged tooth without fracturing the underlying jawbone. This technique for dental extractions is extremely precise and results in minimal swelling and discomfort.

Socket Preservation

To ensure that you have options, such as dental implants, to replace your missing tooth, our doctors take care to preserve your tooth socket with bone grafting material. In more difficult cases, they may also use proteins to regenerate bone.

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