Heard about the alternative to periodontal surgery? It’s The Perioscope

What is the Perioscope?

The Perioscope is a fiber optic camera that is inserted into the periodontal pocket, magnifying the site up to 48x. This allows for optimal detection and removal of calculus. What is the most important piece of calculus to remove? The LAST piece. Only the Perioscope offers adequate illumination and magnification to achieve this.

Alternative to Periodontal Surgery

The Perioscope offers a less invasive alternative to periodontal surgery that is usually more effective and costs less. The Perioscope is perfect for the patient who needs periodontal treatment, but does not want to have surgery! It also provides the ability to see subgingival decay, furcations and root resorption.

If you have any questions regarding the Perioscope, please feel free to visit our office for a demonstration or visit our website at www.pittsburghimplantsandperio.com.


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