What Other Dental Professionals Say About Dr. Sam Bakuri

“Working with Dr. Bakuri is a great pleasure of mine. I am very protective of my patients and only want the absolute best for them. When I send a patient to Dr. Bakuri, I know they’ll be receiving advice and care from a true expert. His clinical knowledge and expertise are impeccable. Surgically, his performance is consistently impressive, even with the most challenging cases.”
Robert Klaich, DMD
Cranberry Township

“As a general dentist, when we refer a patient to a specialist for care, we realize that experience is an extension of our office. It is imperative our patients feel comfortable and safe going to another office. The delivery of care becomes a team-based approach to provide the best care possible.

“It has been refreshing to work with Dr. Bakuri. Through his continual pursuit of knowledge and continuing education, he has ‘elevated the playing field,’ and it truly is a pleasure to consider him and his entire office a part of our team.”

R. Shawn Essey, DMD
O’Hara Township
“I have been practicing dentistry for 36 years and want to provide the best treatment possible for my patients. I will only refer to colleagues who I feel will help me achieve this outcome. Dr. Bakuri provides this to my patients. His advice, knowledge and clinical skills are superior and his chairside manner and personality are excellent.”
Stephen J. Miloser, DMD
North Hills and Harmar
“I have been working with Dr. Bakuri for many years, and he has been instrumental in helping our patients receive the best of care. I know I am getting excellence and quality when I work with Dr. Bakuri. He is a leader in the most advanced technologies and procedures and is an outstanding resource for all of us in the dental community nationwide.”
Joanne M. Tovissi, DMD
Ross Township

“Dr. Bakuri is on the cutting edge of periodontics and is well respected amongst his peers. Not only does he attend many continuing education meetings, he also lectures around the world.

“When I refer my patients and family members to Dr. Bakuri, I know that their outcomes will be tremendous. I am truly honored to work with him!”

Charles Frye, DMD
Allison Park
“I work very closely with Dr. Bakuri and can say without hesitation that he distinguishes himself because, in addition to being a periodontist, he was also a general dentist and understands the restorative aspect of dentistry. Not only does he deliver a very high caliber of work, Dr. Bakuri also has an intense personal dedication to his patients and the dental community. He runs his practice with a very personal touch. It is great to work with a professional who still wants to raise the bar.”
Sven Jesse, Owner
Jesse & Frichtel Dental Labs, Pittsburgh

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