Dental News Tidbits

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Word is that last year’s Tooth Fairy survey, provided by Delta Dental, discovered that cash for teeth under the pillow has skyrocketed to an all-time average high of $4.66. This is an increase of $.75 from the 2015 survey. Delta Dental reports that the tooth fairy has forked out in excess of $250 million for lost teeth in 2016. This is approximately a 13.5% increase over 2015. Delta Dental emphasizes that visits from the tooth fairy can provide a great opportunity to talk to children about good oral habits, as well as lessons on finance!

In spite of a story last year questioning the benefits of flossing, the American Dental Association and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention continue to encourage people to floss. The Los Angeles Times (2/23, Ravn) included flossing on their list of ways to help people live a healthier life. Flossing cleans between the teeth and removes build-up of plaque (bacteria) where a toothbrush cannot reach. If you think your dentist won’t notice if you don’t floss – think again!

Studies suggest that the presence of periodontal disease may be an early warning sign of type 2 diabetes. If this is indeed the case, screening for diabetes in the dental or periodontal office may be helpful in detecting diabetes and pre- diabetes. All it takes is a simple finger stick test performed at regular dental visits.

This suggests that we need to take care of our teeth to ensure its healthiness and eliminate gum problems.