Dental Implants Pittsburgh…

How do you choose?

As you look through the phonebook and surf the internet you will see a number of dental offices in Pittsburgh that offer implant services. How do you decide which office to go to? How do you know who will provide successful and long lasting results? Here are a few reasons that you may want to consider Dr. Mark Weingarden and Dr. Sam Bakuri for your dental implant needs.

Experience Matters

Between them, Dr. Weingarden and Dr. Bakuri have over 40 years of experience in placing dental implants. Both doctors are board certified and have dedicated their careers to staying in the forefront of implant technology. Dr. Weingarden is the director of the Pittsburgh Dental Network and Dr. Bakuri is the director for the Pittsburgh Dental Horizon, study clubs that bring cutting-edge continuing education to the Pittsburgh dental community.

State-of-the-Art Technology

Not every office provides 3D imaging. In the office of Dr. Weingarden and Dr. Bakuri, you will receive the most appropriate, state-of-the art diagnostics in the planning and placement of your dental implants. 3D imaging allows the doctors to determine the quantity and quality of the jawbone, as well as the ability to establish the location of the nerve that runs along the jawbone and the location of the sinuses, critical in the proper placement of the implants. This diagnostic tool is now standard-of-care in placing dental implants!

Your Comfort is Our Priority

Your team at the office of Drs. Weingarden and Bakuri is ready and waiting to show you just how easy and rewarding dental implants can be. We offer oral sedation, IV sedation, and even a cozy blanket! If you are still hesitant, visit our website at and read the many testimonials from our smiling dental implant patients. If you have other questions regarding dental implants in Pittsburgh just give us a call.