Why I use the PerioScope for gum disease

Dr. Weingarden:

Many of our patients need to have treatment for their periodontal disease. The treatment is dependent on removing the bacteria that has accumulated over time under the gum.

Historically, in the way that it is conventionally treated, is with a surgical approach where the periodontist would make an incision, open the gums, be able to see the bacteria to remove it.

We have an instrument called a Perioscope. The Perioscope is a very advanced instrument. It is a surgical endoscope that allows for minimally invasive procedures where we can place this into the gap, without an incision, to view the bacteria on a computer monitor.

Some of the other wonderful things about the Perioscope is that it magnifies by 40X the surface where the bacteria is. This allows for visualization at a multiple of what can be seen, even surgically, which means we can do a far better job of removing the bacteria in a much less invasive, very tolerable, even less expensive procedure. The outcomes are magnificent.

Many of our patients ask us about laser for periodontal disease. We have that available. The evidence to support the laser is nowhere near as comprehensive or thorough or supportive as it is for the Perioscope. And we just find that the Perioscope is so darned effective that we don’t see, for the vast majority of our patients, the need for the added expense associated with the laser.