How important is good at-home care for dental health?

Dr. Weingarden:

When a patient comes to our office to inquire about their dental health, one of the things we do first is teach them, coach them to a level of plaque removal consistent with a good outcome. We find that to be 80 % or better, and most of our patients achieve that quite easily. They are usually very appreciative that we spent the time with them, to coach them to do this. It’s done in a nonthreatening, no-risk environment. We don’t want anyone to feel badly that they didn’t have good plaque removal before meeting us, and it’s a very positive experience.

Once the patients have achieved this level, we work with them forever so they can maintain this level or close to it. One of the aspects I love most about what I do is that we help patients achieve this level of involvement. This measured level of success is: I see patients sometimes for a decade or two who’ve had no recurrent disease