Patient Testimonials

Dental Implants

Patient Testimonial - Betty“My experience with Dr. Weingarden and his office has been nothing but outstanding. I love how Dr. Weingarden is a perfectionist at all he does. You want that in a person working on your smile and health of your mouth.

“The entire staff is so professional, with a caring, loving manner. I love them all. Who says that about a dental office?

“After all my treatments and procedures are complete, the time I spent will be well worth it. If you are choosing a periodontist, chose the very best – Mark Weingarden!”

– Betty


Patient Testimonials - Bill

“Dr. Weingarden has the well earned reputation of being the best periodontist in Pittsburgh. He is not only technically proficient, but also has a terrific manner when dealing with patients. He is courteous and frank when giving explanations, and is also able to “dumb it down” to make it easier for patients to understand.

“Dr. Weingarden’s staff is outstanding – very friendly and courteous. They are “patient-friendly” and like a “family” when I visit. Bottom line – if someone were to ask me if I would recommend Dr. Weingarden, I would reply, “In a New York minute! Absolutely – he is the best!!”

– Bill


Patient Testimonial - Connie“Dr. Weingarden and staff have been amazing throughout my treatment and have made the process extremely positive.

“The procedures have been detailed and thorough, with patience and care for my appearance and overall health. They worked with my family and show a sincere desire to make me happy as a client, and to give me a happy, healthy and beautiful smile!

“Thank you, Dr. Weingarden, and the wonderful ladies in the office! You are the best!”

– Connie


“I am not one to rave about my dental experiences over the years. However, I am making an exception now to thank Dr. Weingarden and his professional staff. I needed implants and was preparing for a traumatic experience. This proved not to be the case.

“Dr. Weingarden, in his soft-spoken manner, explained to me his recommendations and the options that would work for my jaw structure (and my budget). He worked collaboratively with my general dentist (who will make the snap-in dentures) and the three of us met together to finalize the procedure. I found this meeting to be extremely informative and greatly appreciated the time both dentists spent with me.

“There was minimal pain following the surgery and it was alleviated by ibuprofen. The healing process was a smooth one. After 4 months, I was pronounced: ‘healed’ and ready for the denture-making procedure with my general dentist.

“Not only is Dr. Weingarden a ‘personable guy’ and very skilled in his field, his staff of professionals is also top notch. They are patient, friendly, respectful, knowledgeable and even fun. I appreciate the entire team for the manner in which I was treated. I am happy to say that the second phase, having the same procedure on my upper jaw, is one that I will approach with a positive mindset, knowing that I am in good hands.

With gratitude and thanks,

– Sally


“Dear Dr. Bakuri and your wonderful staff, we just wanted to thank you all for your competent and compassionate care.

“It is obvious to us that each of you is skilled in your individual position. We are so glad we chose your professional office for Rich’s care.

“We are looking forward to the completion of his oral ‘make-over’. We will never forget your kindness to the both of us.”

–Dianne and Rich


“How can I express my gratitude for the success that we have achieved? My husband says his baby never looked so good. Such a wonderful compliment. I catch my co-workers staring at my smile. People that I have not seen in some time ask me: “What is different about you?’

“All through the process you and your staff cared about my well-being – on every level. My husband is amazed that you personally call and check on your patients – even on weekends.

“Thank you for the excellent care, the professional guidance and genuine concern for me as your patient. I sing your praises to anyone who asks. Your staff – well, they know how I feel about them. Where else does a patient go and get hugs – most importantly, would I go through the process again? You betcha.”



“Dr. Mark Weingarden and his staff made the daunting experience of bone grafting and implantation nearly pleasurable. Hard to imagine, right? They are a great example of what the hospital I work for describes as service excellence: accuracy, organization, communication, warmth, and empathy along with the best technology.

“At the end of my first visit, an evaluation, a staff member laid out the cost for the services I would receive and outlined possible options for making payment. Everything was transparent. Each time I returned, I felt the warmth and respect of each staff member I encountered. I sensed their optimism, cheer, and caring every time I walked through the door.

“The clinical staff knew exactly what was going on in my mouth, and they prepared me for what would happen in each visit. There was a sense of rhythm and harmony as they performed the work. It seemed that every option for my care had been considered before anything was done, and it was clear that Dr. Weingarden and his staff were a team working toward the same goals.

“Bone grafting and implant surgery are difficult and demanding of both staff and patient. It was my great fortune to be referred by my wonderful dentist to Dr. Weingarden for these specialty services.”



“Recently, I had three implants done by Dr. Weingarden. It was a procedure I wasn’t looking forward to, but Dr. Weingarden and his terrific staff were so great – they were very friendly and kind, which put me quickly at ease. Also everything regarding the procedure was thoroughly explained to me. It went really well – I had very little discomfort and almost no pain. I would highly recommend Dr. Weingarden to anyone needing implants. Thank you for everything!”

– James


“Just a note to thank you for the superb job you’ve done over the last several years. ‘Phase I’ is now complete and I couldn’t be more pleased with the implants, they look and feel wonderful. Your skill and painstaking attention to detail means a lot to me.

“In addition, I wish to commend your staff and associates. They are of the highest caliber and you should be very proud of them. I am always greeted with a smile and a little pleasant conversation. That means a lot to a patient too. I look forward to ‘Phase II.’ And thank you for encouraging me to quit smoking!”



“I am writing this note to thank you and your staff for being so great to me before, during and after my implant surgery. The surgery was over sooner than I expected and Advil took care of what pain I had after the surgery. Without hesitation, I would recommend this procedure to anyone that is a candidate for implants.”

– Alice


“Three years ago I had my bottom teeth extracted. After two sets of dentures, chronic headaches, sleepless nights and endless frustration from only being able to eat the softest of foods, I was very unhappy.

“I finally consulted with a dentist whose honesty and professionalism changed my life. Dr. Langett told me that dentures would never work for me. I needed implants. I was not too happy to hear this. He recommended you.

“At the age of 72, change doesn’t come easy to me. I was reluctant at first. But after gaining the trust of you and Dr. Langett, we proceeded with five implants. It was the best thing that every happened to me. No more headaches and throbbing pain in my mouth from infected teeth.

“I would recommend implants to anyone. And more important I would recommend you to perform the procedure. Thank you so much.”

– Phyllis


“This is an actual experience to allay any fears perspective patients may have. My successful implant procedure was performed to replace three teeth.

“I experienced minimal discomfort. Two Motrin alleviated any inflammation or pain.

“I had no facial bruising or swelling.

“I had no trouble eating or talking and was able to return to work the very next day and carried on a normal routine.

“I’ve been able to do follow-up visits in the evening; no lost work time.

“I have been completely satisfied with my experience with Dr. Weingarden and his staff. His expertise and professionalism are unequaled.”

– Carol


“I had seven implants done by Dr. Mark Weingarden at three different times since 1999. With his impressive credentials and lengthy experience he is, no doubt, a top-notch periodontist. In addition to his excellent skills, he is also quite gentle and very caring. I feel blessed to be his patient and would recommend him highly without qualification.”



Extractions/Gum & Bone Grafting

Patient Testimonials - Bernie“Dear Dr. Weingarden and staff, I just wanted to say thanks again for all that you do. When I first thought about having serious dental work done, I was extremely afraid. I am a big baby about dental stuff.

“I did not smile really big for a couple of years because of how my teeth looked. In my business (sales), I should be smiling all the time. I was embarrassed of my teeth, and it showed.

“I was very afraid of dentists, even though my uncle has been my only dentist for the first 51 years of my life – until now. When I went to Dr. Weingarden’s office, Stephanie at the front desk made me feel at home and very comfortable. I think she could even sense my fears.

“I told Dr. Weingarden how scared I was of procedures: the sounds of drills and everything about a dental office. I told him if we proceeded, I did not want to hear, see or feel anything he was going to do. Between him, Elaine, Heather, Jan and Stephanie talking to me and understanding how I felt and really caring about it (I mean sincerely caring about it), I decided to trust them to change my life.

“Well, let’s just say that they now way beyond exceeding my expectations! I have had quite a few visits over the past year or so, and now I actually look forward to coming in. Imagine that!

“You turned a 53-year-old baby when it came to the dentist, into a guy that wants to smile again. Wow, and I do mean wow! I did not expect this whole process to go as well as it has been going, and I owe it all to Dr. Weingarden and all his staff.

“Thank you, so, so, so much. I am looking forward to completing what to yet be done. We have done some serious work so far, and you have made it easy as possible for me, and I appreciate it very much. I tell everyone I can about my experience, while SMILING.”

– Bernie


Patient Testimonials - Lori“Every single person in the office is fantastic. They know who you are and make you feel like part of their family. The entire office has such a great energy.

“From the moment you walk in the front door, you can see that everyone enjoys their jobs and genuinely wants to be there. In turn, that makes me want to be there. It’s a fantastic office!

“Dr. Weingarden is wonderful. His attention to detail and professionalism is second to none. He is very caring, very attentive, and extremely thorough. Dr. Weingarden worked a miracle on my gums, and I am no longer in pain.”

– Lori


Patient Testimonials - Dan“All of the personnel in the office are great and very professional. Dr. Weingarden is very patient and explains treatments thoroughly. When I am being treated for a dental procedure, I am as pain-free as can be expected.”

– Dan


I want to thank you and your staff for the excellent results of the superb periodontal work a well as the numerous extractions you performed.

Although it was a very time intensive period, your pre-counsel was very accurate. As you are aware, I have Parkinson’s Disease, which you dealt with very well.”

– Jim


“I was experiencing some pretty extensive gum recession – due to vigorous brushing several times a day – that was causing pain & headaches when cold liquids touched my gums or air hit my teeth/gums.

“Additionally, it was difficult to have my teeth cleaned because they were so sensitive. Dr. Weingarden performed four quadrants of seamless gum grafting using the AlloDerm dermal matrix and within a few weeks, I was back to normal both physically and aesthetically.

“This procedure has completely eliminated the pain & sensitivity I was experiencing when the tissue was recessed. And, thanks to the very thorough training from Dr. Weingarden’s staff, I was able to identify & correct my improper brushing methods & maintain the integrity of my gums following the procedure.”



“When my dentist first suggested that I should consider grafting as a form of treatment for my receding gum line, I was very reluctant to accept his advice.

“The procedure, as he described it, filled me with apprehension and comments from friends and acquaintances who had this treatment only confirmed my fears. Thanks to your patient explanations, your reassurances and your expertise, I found that my fears were totally unfounded.

“The procedure was over much sooner than I had expected and I experience no more pain or discomfort than with a more routine procedure such as a filling or cap. Nor were the aftereffects any worse.

“If there are other patients who are feeling as apprehensive as I was, I would like to reassure them. Perhaps a few years ago, grafting was the painful procedure I had imagined it to be. However, that is certainly not the case today, and I would not hesitate to recommend the technique you use to anyone! Thanks for doing a great job!”



“I wanted you to know how pleased I am with the results of the three connective tissue grafts that I’ve had done at your office. As you know, prior to meeting you I’d had the free gingival grafting repeated three times on the same site with very poor results.

“I had given up on the idea of having a normal, healthy gum line being that I had severe recession on all of the cuspid and first bicuspid teeth.

“Thanks to you and the successful connective tissue grafting, I no longer need fillings to cover the exposure of these teeth. Also, the cosmetic result cannot be emphasized enough. Thanks you for your caring and expertise and that of your staff.”



“I have had gum grafting done by Dr. Weingarden and am extremely thrilled with the outcome. I wish my dentist would of told me about it earlier in my dental care. The gum grafting for me was painless and the results are fantastic. I love my smile again.

“Dr. Weingarden and his staff are wonderful. They are kind, compassionate and fun; making you comfortable and relaxed. During my treatment, I was also dealing with cancer. Dr. Weingarden was flexible and worked with me and my doctors. I highly recommend Dr. Weingarden and his staff.”

– Joan


Gum Disease Treatment/Periscope

Patient Testimonials - Paul“Being without pain now is great. The dental assistants are friendly, caring people – great ladies. The doctor is straightforward, and I like that. They do whatever is necessary for me to be free from pain during procedures.”



“My experiences with DR. Bakuri and his staff were nothing short of completely professional. His staff is all very welcoming and friendly.

“I have not been good to my teeth over my life and needed a lot of work. I am a smoker. I chewed snuff for many years and I love my coffee. I was completely reassured on a regular basis that all would be fine. I have gone to other dentists and periodontists and they would say things to me that were embarrassing and made me feel bad about not taking care of my teeth. I am thinking that I came here for help and not to be badgered by the staff and the dentists. This never happened at Dr. Bakuri’s office. They focused on what needed to be done to help me with my situation. They were very polite at all times.

“Dr. Bakuri is so blessed to have such a wonderful staff. He himself was also very professional at all times. Thank you so much to all of you !!!!”

– John


“I drove six hours from the Wilmington, DE area to receive periodontal treatment by Dr. Weingarden and his staff – absolutely worth the drive! I am so very pleased with the periodontal treatment I received, and am so very pleased with all the staff members as well.

“Everyone in the office is super nice and at the top of their games! Dr. Weingarden and his staff use up-to-date technology to deliver first-rate service and treatment. I wish I lived a bit closer to the office, as I would absolutely like to continue my ongoing periodontal maintenance visits with Dr. Weingarden and his staff as well. I highly recommend Dr. Weingarden and his staff to everyone – they are all gems! Absolute GEMS!

“I picked a periodontist that’s within Met Life’s network – right across the street from my office, convenient, but boy do I miss you guys! It’s like stepping back into the 1950’s in that office compared to the technology you use. I do miss receiving treatment at your office! I’ll stick it out with this new perio for a while, but I’m not excited with their office. So don’t be surprised if you get a call from me sometime next year to schedule an appointment!

– Lisa


“Dear Dr. Weingarden and Staff, I have had an issue with advanced periodontal disease for more years than I would like to remember. Not to mention the number of dental professionals that I have been to see in hopes that I can finally have a normal smile again, only to be continuously spinning my wheels!

“Before I came to this office I was constantly told that I was doing fine, however, nothing seemed to improve for me. It was pretty much status quo. My journey with Dr. Weingarden and his wonderful staff began this past year, after I was once again doing the never-ending internet search for some miracle that would magically take this all away. We all know that was not going to happen. I came across Dr. Weingarden’s website and thought that I really need to call and see what my odds were with this doctor. I think in the back of my mind I thought it is just wishful thinking at this point and that I would once again be spinning my wheels with the same outcome.

“Not by a long shot! When I arrived for my first appointment, I was completely surprised by the welcoming and caring staff that I met that first day and at every visit since for these past several months. The exam and consultation with Dr. Weingarden really gave me hope that although with my advanced stage, I can still get this under control.

“I am happy to say that during my last exam, my numbers have greatly improved (due to the Perioscope procedure, cleanings and using my newly learned proper brushing techniques) and I feel that I can now move on with the other procedures that I need to have – even though I know I have a long road ahead of me, I am so excited for the first time that there is hope for me with Dr. Weingarden and his AWESOME staff to help me.”

–A most grateful patient


“We would like to thank you and your entire team for doing such great work. We are very pleased and satisfied with the dental treatment that was done at your office.

“Dentists and dental treatment would scare me to death. I was very nervous about coming to your office for evaluation. But to my surprise, everyone was very nice, supportive and gentle.

“I was not looked down on for not getting my teeth cleaned for my entire life and understood how I was feeling. I was more relaxed than I thought I would be. When I was told I had acquired periodontal disease and needed root planing and scaling, I was very, very scared of the treatment. Again, my experience was great. After a few minutes into the treatment, I was very relaxed.

My husband had serious periodontal disease. He had been going to the dentist back home since his childhood. When we came to the U.S.A., we thought healthcare would be very nice since it is a developed and big country with all the technologies and facilities.

“Dental treatment here is very expensive, but we thought we would get great service. Over seven years, my husband went for several dental treatments (deep cleaning), but no one taught him proper oral hygiene.

“Also, not a single periodontist suggested that I (his wife) get checked, and no one did a culture of his mouth to see what kind of bacteria was infecting him. It is like you spend 50 times more than you would back home and get the same level of care.

“We are very thankful that we found you. You not only treated him, but asked that I get checked as well. We are very pleased with the treatment. I have seen such a great improvement in my husband. After just one cleaning, we have seen such great results.

“His gums don’t bleed anymore, and his bad breath is gone. He is more confident. Most surprising is that his gums look very healthy to me, and his teeth are clean. He has for so many scaling and planing procedures, but the cleaning would last for just a few days and then back to normal. They didn’t spend much time cleaning as well.

But that not the case here. A lot of effort was made to get his mouth and teeth healthy.

“We would also like to thank your hygienist team for teaching us how to brush properly, and for giving us the right tools to achieve our goal. You and your team are doing such a wonderful job at not just treating your patients, but educating them. Keep up the good work. We really appreciate you and your entire team’s professionalism and hard work.

“Once again, thank you so much for such great service and level of care you have given us.”

– Barsha


“I would highly recommend Dr. Weingarden to anyone who needs a periodontist or dental implants.

“My dental problems were serious and happened because of previous poor dentistry. When I first went to Dr. Weingarden, I was frustrated and feeling hopeless. His patience, skill and compassion restored my teeth and my spirit.  He also did a gum graft which turned out to be a much easier and painless process than I imagined.

“Dr. Weingarden and his staff are some of the kindest and most caring people I’ve ever met. I’ve been going through the process of dental implants over several months and I can honestly say that the compassion of Dr. Weingarden and his staff have made the experience easier. Dr. Weingarden is extremely thorough and spends much time explaining details of all procedures. The staff is always cheerful and friendly and goes out of their way to make me comfortable. They are very knowledgeable and do an excellent job explaining and teaching.”

– Jean


“Dr. Weingarden, Dr Bakuri and his staff are phenomenal! My recessed gums and underbite were issues that needed to be addressed.

“Dr Weingarden came up with a fantastic treatment plan for me that included a procedure in August 2015 to repair the gums and accelerate my orthodontic treatment for my underbite. The procedure was much easier than I expected with practically no discomfort at all. My gums look great and my braces to repair my underbite are, after only 7 months’ treatment from Dr Brad Smith, ready to come off.

“I am extremely happy with the incredible level of detail-oriented, cutting edge and conscientious care that I received from Dr Weingarden and his staff.”

– Linda


“Thank you Dr. Bakuri and staff for a job well done on the gum graft surgery I had done! I didn’t know what to expect when I first came in for my original consultation as I had never undergone this type of procedure before; however, many of my initial worries were put at ease after I was able to casually discuss more details about the procedure with Dr. Bakuri. I was impressed with his professional and pleasant demeanor and his staff’s cheery and warm dispositions.

“When I had questions concerning my procedure (post-surgery), I always knew I could either email or call the office and receive a prompt reply and the answer I needed.

“Prior to my surgery, I was also given quite an education on my lack of good brushing and flossing skills after being shown the proper way to brush and floss by Kristen, one of the staff members. Thanks for the good tips Kristen – I’ll always be brushing and flossing the way you taught me from now on.

“All in all, I would highly recommend Pittsburgh Dental Implants and Periodontics to others requiring periodontal work! You won’t find a better place (or better people)!”

– Amy

“Recently Dr. Bakuri performed a procedure on me to remedy my receeding gums. I had postponed the procedure because I feared the whole idea of it. From the very beginning, Dr. Bakuri and his staff were caring and professional. The procedure went without a problem the healing and follow-up were great! I would recommend anyone to first come and discuss the procedure with Dr. Bakuri, I know you will find him informative and reassuring. The whole staff at the office is friendly and has the patient’s needs in mind. I will be returning for other procedures in the near future.”

– Marianne

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